Whether it is rain or shine, a celebration should always be done in grand scale so that is could be remembered even for the many years to come after that one day. Of course, grand scale doesn’t necessarily mean that is ought to always be luxurious and wallet-draining, but it’s got to be something that is memorable and spectacular, even if it is all DIY stuff that has been used to design the place. So here are some ideas for you to host the next best party of the year!

Serving drinks in style

We are all pretty much used to drinks being served in glasses, and there has never been something that is done differently with these. Sure, the party might have some cool photo booths hire Melbourne set up and whatnot. But the usual is always done the normal way.Be creative and think out the box and serve your drinks in fruit skins itself. Get some pineapples or watermelons and scoop out the fruit part out and serve your drinks in the rind! Not only is that serving in style but it is also worth Instagramming about! And trust me when I tell you the teens at the party would be thanking you for a new story!

Add color

One thing about parties is that they ought to be colorful to be memorable. Whether that is done through the décor or the food is up to you. If you’re going for food, whip up some cupcakes or some other desert and throw in a lot of color and sprinkles. Bring out the ‘uni’ in the corn and make it all unicorn-y! After all, there is no one who doesn’t like a lot of colors!!!

Interesting table settings

Your guests probably would be spending most of their time in the table, especially if it is a formal sort of party and not one where you would get a best juke box hire melbourne. And so, for this you should make your table interesting enough to be in. Start off with setting up interesting centerpieces, table runners and whatnot and work your way to the top with favors to be taken home.

Organize cool games

A party is never fun without games. And there has never been a good game that could ever top ‘Jenga’. So set up the floor and let your guests have fun while the food’s getting cooked at a cookout or while the weather keeps growing colder in the outdoors.

Party Ideas You Should Be Trying Out At Your Next Party

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